Soft Touch Adhesive Solutions

Nyatex has been specializing in adhesive solutions for foams, vinyl’s and other soft touch substrates for over 40 years. We have supplied to cosmetic applicator manufacturers, furniture and apparel makers and even puppet makers. Our extensive experience with many exotic materials makes Nyatex a perfect selection for solving any of your foam or soft touch adhesion problems.

So many day-to-day items people come in contact with can be considered soft touch. Sponges, pillows, cushions, children’s toys and clothing are just a few. Many of these items require assembly or decoration and need adhesives to accomplish. Finding just the right adhesive can be difficult due to the wide variety of substrates they are constructed with.

Our company can be with your project from design, prototyping and manufacturing phases offering hands on assistance and comprehensive lab services. We look forward to interesting and challenging projects that larger corporations do not have time to bother with. Give us a call and let one of our friendly service representatives direct you to our staff of professional problem solvers.

If you would like more information about the types of adhesive solutions Nyatex provides, visit our website or call us at 517-546-4046!

Jason Hulbert, President
Nyatex Chemical Company