Custom Formulation of Adhesives and Coatings

Custom Formulation of Adhesives and Coatings

Nyatex is your one-stop solution for all your adhesion needs. Facilities include a full service lab for research and design, ability to manufacture almost any quantity, and custom packaging for any product. Over 40 years of technical experience assist in finding or creating the best products available.

Nyatex has formulated specialty adhesives for many different industries including custom signs and graphics, textiles, custom art work, musical instrument cases and accessories, Hollywood costumes and hand puppets, and medical devices just to name a few.

Contact our service department to speak with a knowledgeable representative that will get you started on finding the perfect solution for your project need.

Custom toll blending & dispersing machines

Nyatex facilities contain a wide variety of blending and dispersing machines that have the ability to mix products that have viscosities ranging from water thin to peanut butter thick. We have experience in blending acrylics, oils and caulk-style sealants. Contact a representative to detail your project and find out how we can help with anything from trial mixes to full production.