Heavy-duty and Light-duty Maintenance Cleaner and Solvent Thinners

Maintenance Cleaner and Solvent Thinners

Industrial cleaners and specialty solvents

Maintenance Cleaners

Heavy-duty and light-duty liquid compounds formulated for the special needs of industry. Comes in both highly concentrated forms and diluted forms. Compounded so that its alkalinity is maintained even when diluted.

Designed Uses:

Developed for use on oily shop floors. Cleaners can be used in the routine maintenance of tile. Machine tools and equipment are easily cleaned. Can be used on any surface not harmed by soap and water.


Excellent, non-flammable, water-soluble, degreasers with properties to remove heavy soil and grease build-up. Highly concentrated versions can be diluted to a concentration that will suit the soiled condition and the cleaning procedure used. Most cleaners are non-corrosive on ferrous metals so they may be used on machine tools and equipment. Free of phosphates and contains biodegradable surfactants.


To be used with solvent adhesives and coatings when a lower viscosity is required. Also suitable for tool and mask cleaning as well as tape and label removal.


Looking for solvents to thin rubber cement and remove non-water-based inks? We carry industrial grade Heptane; compare to Bestine & Lithco RTC. Available in Quarts, pints and 4 oz. Jars. Call our office for details on maximum quantities and shipping limitations.


Products that can be added to solvent or water-borne adhesives or coatings when extended open time is needed. Will also increase the required dry time. With this trade off in mind only minimal amounts should be used. Recommend a starting point of one ounce retarder to one gallon of adhesive or coating. A suggested maximum is eight (8) ounces retarder per gallon of material. The retarder should be added slowly while stirring.

Packaged in 1 gallon cans & 5 gallon pails.