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Nyatex is a Custom Formulator of Adhesives and Coatings for Manufacturing; Specializing in
Object Flocking for Automotive, Cosmetic & Dental Applicators, and General Decorative Flocking Projects


Nyatex has been the industry leader for 3-D flocking adhesives for over 30 years. Serving world-wide, specializing in continental US, Canada and Mexico.

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Flocking Adhesives

Flocking Adhesives

Automotive | Applicators
Packaging Adhesives

Packaging Adhesives

Corrugated | Nomar Coated
Side Seam Seal | Laminating
Light Assembly Adhesives

Light Assembly Adhesives

Hot Seal | Epoxies
Hot Melts
Rod Builders
Need Nyatex Epoxy for
Bamboo Fishing Poles?
Nyatex epoxy for bamboo fishing poles


Maintenance Cleaner & Solvent Thinners

Maintenance Cleaner &
Solvent Thinners

Shop Floors
Parts Cleaning


Custom Formulation of Adhesives & Coatings

Custom Formulation of
Adhesives & Coatings

Acrylic Coatings | Prototyping
Foam Adhesives | Repair | Hobby


Product Locator

Product Locator

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