Flocking Adhesives for 3-Dimensional or Flat Decorative Fibercoating

Flocking Adhesives
Flocking Adhesives
Flocking Adhesives


Flocking 101 (4 Step Process)

Automotive Flocking Adhesives

Waterborne & Solventborne systems specifically designed to meet the automotive requirements for interior flocked trim in addition to a wide variety of other 3 dimensional substrates including plastics, metals and glass.

Designed Uses:

For use on rigid multiplaned substrates to bond Nylon or Polyester flock fibers to ABS, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Noryl, and some metals.

Special adhesive systems available to bond flock fiber to many Polypropylene & TPO plastics.

Physical Characteristics: Flock adhesive available in clear and black colors. Please contact Nyatex sales staff regarding specialty colors. Products provide adequate "open" time when spray applied to parts in a high volume production line process. Optimum adhesive performance does require the flocked parts to be oven cured. Most systems designed for large scale production uses in mind.

Flocking Adhesives


Specialty Applicator Flocking Adhesives

Adhesive systems specifically designed for flocking specialty applicator tips for dental, beauty and hobby type uses.

Designed Uses:

Recommended for applicator types requiring durability, solvent & abrasion resistance. Bonds to ABS, polycarbonate, polystyrene plastics, fiberglass and some metals.

Typically, all systems for flocking applicators are two-part epoxy. These systems allow for excellent pot-life (1-3 hours) and a variety of application methods. Spraying and dipping are most common. Solvent clean-up required.

General use waterbome & solventbome systems

Adhesives formulated to be used for a wide variety of flocking projects including toys, hobbies, custom automobile seat repair, taxidermy, medical supply, and decorating accessories.

Special systems available for flexible vinyl and foam applications.