A Nyatex worker produces hand sanitizer during the coronavirus pandemic.
A Nyatex worker produces hand sanitizer during the coronavirus pandemic.

Howell chemical company switches to producing hand sanitizer

HOWELL, MI – The coronavirus outbreak has pushed many businesses to innovate or retool with new areas of focus, and Howell’s Nyatex Adhesive and Chemical Co. is among them.

The chemical company has a primary focus on automotive plastics and adhesives, but began producing hand and surface sanitizer once company President Jason Hulbert realized he had the means to do so.

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Soft Touch Adhesive Solutions

Nyatex has been specializing in adhesive solutions for foams, vinyl’s and other soft touch substrates for over 40 years. We have supplied to cosmetic applicator manufacturers, furniture and apparel makers and even puppet makers. Our extensive experience with many exotic materials makes Nyatex a perfect selection for solving any of your foam or soft touch adhesion problems.

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The Nyatex Difference

What makes Nyatex different from other adhesives companies?

We pay attention to detail, product development, dependability, and quality.

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Your Partner in Problem Solving

Nyatex Adhesive & Chemical--Your Partner in Problem Solving
Article from The American Flock Association

After nearly 50 years in the adhesive and coating industry, and over 40 years as an industry leader in flocking adhesives, Jason Hulbert says, “Bring us your project and we will custom formulate and manufacture the solutions.”

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Natural Disaters-Impact on the Chemical Supply Chain

Weather disasters, such as hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, have a significant impact on the Petrochemical industry. Over 70 Petrochemical facilities are located in the Southern Louisiana & Texas region. Supply chain disruptions can take place quickly if production facilities are offline for any period of time. These facilities hold critical base components such as ethylene and aromatic solvents.

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Why is Heptane so expensive?

For years, companies have sold heptane cleaners and solvent thinners to different markets as a premium priced material. When speaking about heptane, we need to differentiate between two types of chemicals.

N-heptane and Heptane”s”:

Heptanes are a mixture of several isomeric chains, of which, ≥25% is n-heptane.

N-heptane is straight chain isomer of 100% heptane. In layman’s terms, N-heptane is pure Heptane material.

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Break-Through in Flocking Adhesive Technology

For many years a major obstacle to the 3-D fiber coating of low surface energy plastics has been the required use of solvent systems or the need for two-step process to achieve good flocking adhesion. Both require additional costs and have an undesirable environmental impact.

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We Take Pride in Tough Projects

Our team takes pride in helping customers and manufactures handle their tough projects and provide excellent solutions. We are always up for a challenge when presented with an adhesives or solvent project. Nyatex is a custom formulator of adhesives and coatings, we supply many manufactures with custom products to best fit their needs.

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Top 5 Benefits of Flocking

Being the largest supplier of fiber coating adhesives for interior automotive parts in all of North America, we know a thing or two about what makes the flocking method so great.


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