Natural Disaters-Impact on the Chemical Supply Chain

Weather disasters, such as hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, have a significant impact on the Petrochemical industry. Over 70 Petrochemical facilities are located in the Southern Louisiana & Texas region. Supply chain disruptions can take place quickly if production facilities are offline for any period of time. These facilities hold critical base components such as ethylene and aromatic solvents.

Nyatex Adhesive & Chemical’s position as a leading industry buyer of industrial chemicals yields its greatest benefit during difficult times such as these. Not only are we a preferred purchaser for commodity chemicals, we have a network of suppliers that is (at a minimum) double-sourced for all our vital chemicals and have at least 5-10 sources for all commodity chemicals; i.e. solvents, glycols, plasticizers, etc.

Nyatex wants all our current and prospective customers to feel confident in our ability to keep them adequately supplied through these difficult times. Additionally, because of the investments we have put into our supply chain, we are in the best financial position possible to keep all of our prices stable during these challenging conditions.

For more information on how we maintain our supply chain, contact our office at (517) 546-4046.

Jason Hulbert, President
Nyatex Chemical Company