If you have a Problem, NYATEX has the Solution!

At NYATEX Adhesive and Chemical Company, we provide superior service for all of your adhesive and chemical needs. By utilizing the latest technology available, and developing strong relationships with our customers, we deliver high quality products at competitive industry prices.

NYATEX specializes in water based adhesives and coatings.

We offer a wide range of products including:

  1. Custom formulation of adhesive and coatings
  2. Flocking Adhesive
  3. Packaging Adhesive
  4. Lighting Assembly Adhesive
  5. Maintenance Cleaner & Solution Thinner

We offer a wide variety of solvent adhesives as well as epoxies and urethane coatings to fit the needs of our unique and varied client base. So whatever your needs, give us a call today, and learn how our experts can help solve your problem!

Jason Hulbert President,
Nyatex Chemical Company