Your Partner in Problem Solving

Nyatex Adhesive & Chemical--Your Partner in Problem Solving
Article from The American Flock Association

After nearly 50 years in the adhesive and coating industry, and over 40 years as an industry leader in flocking adhesives, Jason Hulbert says, “Bring us your project and we will custom formulate and manufacture the solutions.”

This second-generation, family business started when William Hulbert, founder and previous owner, researched modern flocking in Europe and decided that he could bring those processes back to the United States. Jason Hulbert and Shannon Drake, William’s children, are current co-owners after purchasing Nyatex upon Williams retirement.

The company, which is third party-certified ISO 9001:2008, puts customer service first, by offering just-in-time delivery on custom-made products. Although they keep no inventory, they can turn around even a new project in 48 hours. They credit this ability to their extensive experience with automotive flocking, their work with start-ups, and having chemical engineers on staff. For a small business that started in a garage, they have thrived in the challenging automotive market. Jason credits customer service with their ability to survive two major recessions and an industry that for years was plagued by boom-or-bust. In this last regard, Jason notes that, since the last round of reorganizations in the auto industry, inventory corrections have been implemented to level out some of the ups and downs, but, at the same time, pressure to reduce weight and cost in car interiors has created new challenges. This has also led to increased consideration of flock as a less expensive way to give a high-end look and feel to an interior.

Success in three-dimension flocking in the automotive industry required Nyatex to develop new technologies. Jason likes to refer to his team as “Ambassadors of the Technology.” One important breakthrough was the development of water-based adhesive suitable for use with polypropylene, thermoplastic olefin (TPO), and other low surface energy plastic substrates without the need for pretreatment to soften and etch these very hard surface, smooth substrates. While continuing to serve the automotive market, Nyatex is looking to bring its technologies to other flock applications, such as the growing market for small brushes in the cosmetics industry and dentistry. The company also has provided solutions for specialty packaging, light assembly and industrial cleaners for many years.

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