Top 5 Benefits of Flocking

Being the largest supplier of fiber coating adhesives for interior automotive parts in all of North America, we know a thing or two about what makes the flocking method so great.


      1. Flocking adhesive can provide a decorative finish.
      Flocking can add visual details that enlighten hard objects to feel soft to the touch. Automotive enhancements can include glove boxes, head linings, door trim, and other numerous parts. Flock can give a luxurious look to your finished product.
      2. Flocking is the best method for adhering to 3D substrates.
      The most common ways to adhere flocking are by spraying or dipping. Flocking can be used on various materials including metals, plastics, fiberglass, vinyl, and etc. By adding the flocking material to your product, it can provide strength and toughness. The durability of flocking can ensure your product will be long lasting.
      3. Flexibility in flocking allows for a broad assortment of operations.
      Flocking has multiple properties that can improve your product. The properties that can enhance the use of your product including anti-slip, absorbency, sealing, and receptive characteristics. Flocking can also improve your product for production and quality standards.
      4. Anti-slip flocking can provide the user with an improved usability.
      Giving a product anti-slip protection can help the user get a better grip on the product. For example, tools and products with handles. Anti-slip creates friction to avoid slips and makes the product easier to handle. Flocking can also provide comfortability is the use of its products.
      5. Flocking functionality is superior in design.
      Flocking’s absorbent properties can provide sound and noise insulators, most common in automobiles. Absorbency can also be cushion for any impacts it may endure, often used with sports equipment. Other functionalities of flocking appear within temperature and breathability. Providing heat distribution can become relieving within thermal extremes.

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Jason Hulbert President,
Nyatex Chemical Company