Light Assembly Adhesives

Light Assembly Adhesives

Adhesive systems for assembling components as well as protective coatings:

Heat-seal Adhesives

Adhesives that can be applied to two separate substrates, dried, then reactivated with heat and laminated together. Great for substrates such as cellulostics to rigid substrates.

Epoxy Adhesives

Excellent general purpose epoxy adhesives recommended for applications requiring durability, solvent & abrasion resistance and superior adhesion to a variety of substrates.

Hot melts

General use hot melts with excellent hot tack and high temperature resistance. Great for carton sealing.

Products available for difficult stock and coated stock. Excellent low temperature flexibility. Good choice for use on board coated with "Nomar 70".

Wood Glues

Multi-purpose adhesives finding great potential in the wood working industry, as well as general industrial use in bonding cellulostics, fabrics and other porous surfaces. Dries to a clear strong bond. While providing excellent bond strength and water resistance for most applications, it is not recommended for marine or exterior use. Easy clean-up and handling properties.

Clear Coats

Clear, hard films for instrument panels and items such as tool handles.