Nyatex Rod Builders Epoxy Adhesive Solution for Custom Bamboo Rods

Nyatex Rod Builders Epoxy Adhesive Solution for Custom Bamboo Rods

Back in the early 90's, a gentleman named Wayne Cattanach contacted Nyatex about providing an adhesive solution for custom bamboo rods he was making. We provided a sample of a two-part epoxy system that had been used previously for automotive and light assembly jobs. The formula ended up working great for Wayne's rods and he was then kind enough to name our company as a source for rod making supplies in his book "Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods".

Since that time, Nyatex has sold thousands of epoxy kits to rod builders all across the United States. We have been featured in many publications as well as online blogs and chat rooms as a quality provider of supplies for the specialized niche of bamboo rod building.

We have created this page as a quick reference guide on how to purchase our epoxy system. Please review the following instructions and FAQ's for general ordering information and technical help. As always, feel free to contact a Nyatex representative for further help. See contact information in FAQ's section or Email.

Thank you and happy fishing!


What is the product?

10E007 Epoxy Adhesive & 10EH008 Epoxy Curing Agent.

What is that?

It is a two-part epoxy that requires mixing a part A resin with a part B curing agent. When the two parts are mixed well and allowed to age for 15-20 minutes, finished mix may then be applied to rods as a bonding agent. A chemical reaction takes place between the two parts and forms an extremely strong, water and chemical resistant bond. Epoxy will set up in about 24 hours. Oven cure takes about 1-3 hours @ 235-300 degrees F.

What do I get in a kit and how much does it cost?

One pint (approx. 1.5 lbs) of the Part A resin, one pint (approx. 1.5 lbs) of the Part B curing agent, Technical Data Sheets (provides general instructions), Material Safety Data Sheets and unlimited technical support :call 517.546.4046. Cost is $55.00 + $20.00 shipping and handling. S & H covers anywhere within the continental US.

How can I get it?

Order by mail: Send Check or Money Order, payable to Nyatex Chemical Company, to: P.O. Box 124, Howell, MI 48844. Include part numbers, quantity desired and shipping address. No P.O. Boxes please. Order by phone: Call 517.546.4046, Monday through Friday, from 9 pm to 3:30 pm, and pay with VISA or MC. All orders process within 2-3 business days. Kits ship via United Parcel Service, ground service only. Transit times will vary with your location. 2-3 days is average.

Can I express ship?

Due to the solvents that are contained within these products, air transport is not permitted. Please allow adequate lead time for your orders. On site pick-up is available during regular business hours.

Is the product guaranteed?

Yes. If ever you are dissatisfied with a Nyatex product, please return remaining product to Nyatex for refund.