Nyatex problem solver

If you have a Problem, NYATEX has the Solution!

At NYATEX Adhesive and Chemical Company, we provide superior service for all of your adhesive and chemical needs. By utilizing the latest technology available, and developing strong relationships with our customers, we deliver high quality products at competitive industry prices.

NYATEX specializes in water based adhesives and coatings.

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Nyatex anniversary

Celebrating 40 Years of Service

NYATEX is celebrating 40 years of service to automakers in North America!

We take pride in our business, and would like to thank our dedicated staff and exceptional client base for our shared success. Please join us as we continue our journey in providing superior service for all adhesive and chemical needs.

Jason Hulbert President,
Nyatex Chemical Company


Why is Heptane so expensive?

For years, companies have sold heptane cleaners and solvent thinners to different markets as a premium priced material. When speaking about heptane, we need to differentiate between two types of chemicals.

N-heptane and Heptane”s”:

Heptanes are a mixture of several isomeric chains, of which, ≥25% is n-heptane.

N-heptane is straight chain isomer of 100% heptane. In layman’s terms, N-heptane is pure Heptane material.

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